Elektronik Burnt through resistor, but what's its original value

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  1. coenio71

    coenio71 Teetrinker

    Dear Saeco forum specialists; i have a little problem with my machine. The door switch caused a short cirquit on my powerpoard (SAECO IG and blown the fuse (F2) and a ( i assume) resistor closeby, near the 8-legged switching chip (Q0265R).

    Does someone have a value of this resistor ( called C78) or does anybody have the electrical drawing somewhere available?

    Sorry for non german post, am not a native german speaker.

    Vielen dank!
  2. coenio71

    coenio71 Teetrinker

    just something new (as some of you probably noticed) that i assued C78 to be a resistor but it is more likely to be a ceramic capacitor.

    My apologies!
  3. hmilbradt

    hmilbradt Administrator

    The short has damaged the switching power supply. Normally it creates regulated 8 VDC and 24 VDC. The 8-pin DIL-chip Q0265R is a Fairchild switching regulator. All capacitors are marked with a C and a number on the board. Since ceramic SMD capacitors are not labeled by the manufacturer and Saeco does not publish schematics, nobody can tell you the correct value of capacitance. Try a 100 nF substitute and see what happens.


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